To Go Beyond Imagery is to Attain Truth: A Brief Discussion of the Meaning of Calligraphy

Yu Jianshi


“Meaning” is the essence of Chinese calligraphy expression. The unstable shape of the line produced by the brush’s movement makes the expression of meaning in calligraphic works extremely rich. The combination of dots and lines within a Chinese character, as well as the graphic combinations between characters, play an equally important role in the generation of meaning. The expression of meaning is characterized by the ambiguity of feeling and the wholeness of expression. The expression of calligraphic forms is influenced by the expression of meaning, and there are two levels of meaning: active and passive expression. Appreciates or express meaning in the calligraphies, we can focus on synchronic emotional changes, diachronic personality cultivation, the association of textual content, and the active exploration of art forms.

Key Words

Calligraphy morphology, meaning, style, expression

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