Serving Tea and Filling-water-up, Neither Sculpturing Nor Modeling: Zhang Yu’s Artistic Expansion

Liu Yuedi


The creative art of contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Yu, from the ink wash experiments in the 1980s to today’s contemporary experiments, has been developed for nearly forty years, and now it has entered a period of summary. This article focuses on Zhang Yu’s second decade of the new century, and that is the latest phase of his artistic expansion.

Since 2013, the series of up-works that Zhang Yu has published—Ink, Tea, and Water— also started thinking about the up-philosophy. With the expansion of Zhang Yu’s art, it is obviously to see the transformation which is gradually from the daily to the extraordinary, from the behavior to the nature, and finally it ascends to the spirit!

Key Words

Zhang Yu, Fingerprints, Serving Tea, Filling-water-up, Flesh Entering Mud

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