[AF Forum 10] Michael Zheng: Ch'an, the Beginner's Mind, and Conceptual Art

Conceptual artist Michael Zheng will be joined in conversation by art critic Max Blue. The two will explore Zheng’s art and influences, approaching the conversation openly from the Buddhist position of the “beginner’s mind,” each bringing their own expertise – overlapping and mutually exclusive – to bear on the subject matter. Beginning with Zheng’s recent photographs and drawings as the basis for their conversation, the discussants will also look back at a retrospective selection of Zheng’s performance artworks, with an emphasis on the blurred boundaries between performance and the mundane poetry of everyday life.

In addition to the Zoom online venue, there will also be 5-7 seats in Zheng’s “Wu Wei Studio” for a live audience. Due to the limited space, contact us early if you wish to secure one of the seats.

PST: Sep. 16, 2023, 7:30PM