[AF Forum 09] Michael Zheng: Ch’an Buddhism the Present Moment, and Conceptual Art

Conceptual artist Michael Zheng will introduce how some of the key concepts in Ch’an Buddhism such as “the Present Moment” and meditation have been influencing his art creation. Using the site-specific installation works from his latest solo exhibition "A Tree Is a Tree" at 500 Capp Street in San Francisco, he will illustrate how unassuming details in daily life, such as cracks in a wall, can be the impetus and fodder for his creation.   Other works are cited to discuss how to transcend the mundane phenomena and get to the poetics that are intrinsic to the daily occurrences.

In addition to the works from “A Tree Is A Tree”, he will also share a series of conceptual photography, as well as a series of line drawings based on the notion of ‘meditation’ and ‘Wu Wei’.

PST: Sep. 9, 2023, 7:30PM