A Preliminary Study on the Theory of the NO. 3 Image

Junping Liu


Representational art and abstract art have become unquestionable theoretical issues in art history, and imagery theory in traditional Chinese art theory also has a complete system. However, a group of Asian artists such as Zao Wou-ki (1921-2013), Chu TehChun (1921-2014), Xu Bing (1955-), Cai Guoqiang (1957-), etc., have entered the field of Western art and have shown a special theoretical phenomenon that is neither abstract art nor traditional Chinese imagery art. What is important in the process of diversification of artistic styles in the postmodern context? What is the relationship between art and regional culture? These issues are topics that human beings have been trying to explore but have not yet understood, and these relationships are even more important topics in the field of contemporary art. At present, many people in the theoretical circle have realized the problem of this phenomenon.

Key Words

The NO. 3 Image, representational art, abstract art

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