The purpose of CAA (California Academy of the Arts) is the advancement of learning, education, understanding, and communication of art1, culture, and design between academia, industry, and the public. It is dedicated to the promotion of art, culture, and design in line with globalization and cross-cultural communication. The primary fields of discussion include art appreciation, art history, museum exhibition, cultural preservation, design studies, art and design education, design practices, design innovation, speculative design, etc. CAA aims to foster friendship and mutual understanding among different populations of the world and share new ways of thinking and making in the fields of art, culture and design broadly.

        The executive team of CAA is composed of internationally renowned scholars and together they have formed a list of criteria2 for the admission of new members into the association.

        CAA may provide internship and/or volunteering opportunities to qualified individuals from around the world for involvement in said activities and programs above in order to achieve greater impact on the research and promotion of art, culture, and design globally.


1    The term “art” also covers music, film, literature, and other relevant fields in this context.

2    The detailed new member admission criteria can be found on the association’s website and in this document.