Art Frontier is an international art journal focusing on academic developments at the frontiers of art and is dedicated to studying and promoting East Asian art globally. The primary focus is on the field of fine art, as well as covering design, music, opera, film, literature, etc. It is divided into sections on Art History, Art Criticism, Art Theory, and occasional columns on selected topics. The journal is based in the United States and distributed worldwide in English. Our readers include art scholars, university teachers, museum personnel, arts and culture managers, and others interested in art issues. Art Frontier is peer reviewed by a team of recognized international scholars through dual anonymous review. We are looking forward to submissions from authors in relevant disciplines, especially young and middle-aged scholars.

Submission Instructions
1. All articles must be submitted in English. Submissions must be original and unpublished in other media (including the internet). We do not accept articles submitted to more than one publication.
2. The topic and content of the article should be academic, with clear arguments, complete structure, and smooth flow. Articles should be 4,000 to 8,000 words, preceded by an abstract of approximately 150 words and no more than five key words. Quotations should be checked for accuracy prior to submission and attributions placed at the end of the text. The article’s Chinese title, abstract and key words should be attached at the end of the article. Image files for articles should be at least 1Mb, preferably with a resolution of 200-300 dpi.
3. All authors are required to pay strict attention to copyrights for their words and images and are responsible for releases for any images used in their articles.
4. All authors should provide a short academic profile (maximum 150 words) and contact details including phone number and email address.
5. The review cycle for Art Frontier is two months. If no notification of acceptance is received within two months from the date of receipt, the author may submit the article to other publications.
6. Art Frontier upholds the principles of free, fair, impartial, and strict academic communication. It has the right to propose modifications to the articles involving the rights and interests of Art Frontier.
7. Upon acceptance of the article, the author(s) shall be deemed to have granted the journal reproduction rights, distribution rights, information network dissemination rights, and compilation rights.
8. No remuneration is paid for articles accepted for publication in Art Frontier. Accepted articles shall be paid for the English embellishment fee.
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Author Charges

The articles in our journal are divided into commissioned articles and submitted contributions. Editors are required to conduct a rigorous review of theoretical articles to determine whether there is an issue with simultaneous submission. If an article has already been published, it should be rejected outright.

Commissioned articles, upon acceptance for peer review, incur an editing fee of only $200.

For submitted contributions, charges are based on the word count. For articles up to 4000 words, the combined editing and review fee is $280. For articles ranging from 4000 to 6000 words, the total fee is $400. For articles between 6000 and 8000 words, the combined editing and review fee is $500.


1. 投稿文章的語言要求為英文。來稿需為未經任何形式在任何媒體(包括互聯網)發表的原創稿件。請勿一稿多投。
2. 文章選題及內容需有學術創建,論點清晰,結構完整,行文順暢。正文前需附150詞左右的摘要,不超過5個關鍵詞,文章字數以4000-8000詞為宜。引文注釋須核對無誤,並置於文末。文章需附中文題目、摘要、關鍵詞。請盡可能提供配合文章的清晰圖片檔,圖片檔應至少為1Mb,解析度最好為200-300dpi,以備選用。
3. 作者需嚴格注意文章及圖片的版權問題,文責自負。
4. 來稿作者請附簡短學術簡介(每位作者最多150詞),以及聯繫電話、郵箱等詳細聯繫方式。
5. 本刊審稿週期為兩個月。自收稿之日起兩個月未收到錄稿通知,作者可自行處理。
6. 本刊秉持自由、公平、公正且嚴謹的學術交流原則,對涉及本刊權益的論點有權提出修改意見。
7. 稿件一經采納,視同作者授予本刊複製權、發行權、資訊網絡傳播權及匯編權。
8. 本刊暫不設稿酬,錄稿文章另需支付英文潤稿費用。
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